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Wild Alaskan King Salmon

We have gone to great lengths to bring you Wild Alaskan King Salmon, the only truly wild caught salmon.  

Representing less than 0.5% of the world’s total salmon population, it is MSC-Certified (Certified Sustainable Seafood), and boasts the highest amount of Omega-3 fatty acids in salmon species, without the oily aftertaste typical of farmed salmon.

Its rich flesh ranges from white to a deep red color.  Its silky smooth buttery texture melts in your mouth.  It is considered by many to be the best-tasting of all salmon, proving to be the King of All Salmon.

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Our fresh seafood are always swiftly processed, conveniently portioned,
vacuum-sealed and blast-frozen to lock in that fresh-from-the-ocean taste.
They are already cleaned, ready to cook or ready to eat.

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Pulpo Al Ajillo

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Our Brands

Raising the bar for sustainably-sourced premium quality seafood


The Andrei’s brand carries a mix of high quality farmed seafood that are household favorites such as fresh Norwegian salmon,  Asian seabass and smoked salmon. 

Andrei’s products make it easy for home cooking to be taken to the next level.  Collaborations with a chef have resulted in innovative sauces specifically created to pair perfectly with seafood, allowing you to enjoy a gastronomic delight in the comforts of home.


The Wild Caught brand offers a variety of seafood that is caught from the wild or from their natural habitat in the pristine waters of New Zealand, Alaska and Southeast Asia using the most environmentally-friendly methods of fishing.

Wild Caught products are organic and all- natural with no artificial preservatives.  Products are carefully handled and kept at its highest quality from sea to table.

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A testament to our relentless commitment to high quality seafood